Sunday, August 11, 2013

A summer to remember

We are counting down to our return to the states...less then 2 weeks of school and then a few days in Dresden to unwind then we fly.  It has been an amazing summer but we are also excited to get back and get busy!!  We have to figure out living arrangements, homeschooling and raising the rest of our support...just to name a few :)  We are enjoying every last mintue with the students and just being in Germany.

This past week was the last "normal" week for us here at the school.  We finished up different discusions and had the last of our lectures.  Friday night I helped cordinate a '50/60's rock party for our chef's birthday.  It was great.  Everyone dressed up like rockers and we had a lot of fun songs from that time period to dance to like 'Rock around the clock'.  It was so much fun. (a few pictures on FB from that night)

This new week will find us in Dresden doing outreach.  The beginning of the week will be preparation for a large festival that is held there every year.  The festival runs about 4 days and we plan to be there all of them.  We will have a large tent set up and many things going on to reach out to people.  We also will be walking all around the area striking up conversations with Germans.

I can't believe time is winding down.  It has been a summer I will never forget to be sure! How blessed I feel to have spent a summer overseas with my family.  God is so gracious to us!  The places He will take You if you are just willing to say 'yes Lord, here am I send me'!

I use to dream of hopping on an airplane and going somewhere/anywhere growing up.  I would look at planes flying by and tell myself 'someday I am going to be on those ALL the time'.  Little did I know that those dreams would become a reality as I stepped into ministry work.  The first trip I took was in 8th grade to Mexico.  I would not fly again till after marriage.  Then short-term missions work became the norm for us for about 5 years.  Kids happened and small missions trips state-side would have to do.

Last summer found me taking the longest trip by plane so far.  It was my first time to fly to Europe.   I was so excited I can't begin to explain to you the emotions involved as I climbed the plane stairs knowing that the longing as a little girl was going to be fulfilled!  So you can only imagine the pure joy I experienced when we again boarded the plane this summer.  Not only did I have my family with me but we were spending the entire summer doing what we love most.  I know this is just the beginning of a life time of travel and I can't wait to see where the journey takes us!

So many new doors have opened to us this summer.  We have been reaching out to many different pastors and leaders all around Germany and Europe.  I love how God gets you into the position He needs you to be in so He can bring the connections into your life.  We have seen this happen time and time again in our lives.  We knew that we were to be here in Germany before we came so it has been exciting to see all the different doors opening up to us.

We have such a longing to get back here as soon as we can and begin the work that has been birthed in our hearts.  We ask that you help us anyway possible.  Please know that no gift is to small.  We need everyone doing their part, together we can reach this lost and dying generations with the love of Jesus.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


We just returned home from a week in Berlin.  We left Monday morning and stayed till Sunday.  The first 3 days was spent at a YWAM base in the heart of the city.  We hit the streets every night for outreach.  Berlin never sleeps so we were never at a loss of people to talk and pray with.  Tuesday a few of us went to help with a kids camp (I would call it VBS) It was fun.  We did a workshop and then during the picnic we face painted.  Joel got a mustache and beard (pictures on FB) so of course there was then a line of little boys who wanted the same look.  It was cute :)

Thursday-Sunday found us at a YWAM camp for older teenagers.  It was a tent camp but God had mercy on our "old" bones and our family was able to stay in a flat of a very nice German man.  He lived in a very pretty part of Berlin.  It was near the canal and had a lot of fun places to see and a great ice cream shop where you could sit outside and enjoy watching life.  The flat was at the very top of a high rise and had a balcony with an amazing view.  The second night at the flat we got to sit as a family and watch the sun set (pic on FB).  Another night the sun was shining and it started to rain.  We created a lot of fond memories this week in that part of Berlin...ok...yes we did outreach there too!!! We helped with the camp and also went to do outreach everyday into different parts of Berlin.

I was proud of our group of students that went with us.  Saturday they put on different workshops for the campers.  They came up with some very creative shops.  There was learning how to write songs, taking an idea and how to execute the drawing of it, taking junk and turning it into art, fire sticks, a drum circle, a really cool one of taking clothes and adding things to them to make them look fun and artsy and a few other ones.

I found a quote that caught my attention this week.

"She took the leap and build her wings on the way down" Kobi Yamada

This completely captures my summer...actually it captures the moment we signed our house to the market.  That day we/I took the leap.  I would described it as sky diving from an airplane.  Excited, I am soaring in the sky feeling the wind in my hair.  Looking around at the beautiful sights, taking it all in.  Is there anything more amazing then seeing the world through the eyes of a bird?

I hit the point (here in Germany) that I have to pull the parachute cord...WAIT...where is it?  I could have sworn I had put a parachute on before the plane took off...what happened?  How could I not have been better prepared for this jump?  Who will catch me before I hit the ground?  How will I be saved from this free-fall?  Sheer PANIC sets in...I can't think straight...there is no way out...I am falling...BUT then somewhere in the fear a peace begins to spread.  Small-fragile a single bud.  But slowly the bud begins to open and take root.  From deep inside I know who will catch me.  I know I will not fall nor will I hit the ground.

Instead...I WILL FLY!

I will fly with wings crafted by my creator God.  Designed by my purpose in life. Wings that will hold up to the storms that come my way. Wings made strong as I continue to fulfill all that I am to be.  All that God had planned for me when He formed me and breathed life into me.  Wings that will not let me falter nor fall.  I am free from the bondage of pass regrets, of failures, of chains that have held me grounded for far to long.

I spread my wings and fly with purpose.  Knowing I am Free!