Thursday, September 26, 2013

Missions schools out so now what?

So a few weeks have past since we have been back in the States.  The first question I get asked is 'how does it feel to be back?' and 'did you miss everything here?'  How do I answer these?  Let's see, it feels normal to be back...I guess 3 months away doesn't allow for to many things to change!  Second question...well I missed people but I can't say I really missed life here.  I guess I have come home with a heart divided.  I love my family, friends and the things of familiarity that the States offer.  BUT I almost have to say that Germany now holds my heart.  I dreadfully miss everything about there (ok well not understanding the language sucked but other then that :)

We stepped off the plane and that was the last step we took, the rest of the time we have been running! Our first Sunday back found us sharing our hearts with a church in up-state NY.  Then we stayed in Watertown for a week, much thanks to my sister and bro-in-law for providing a great place to call home whenever we are up in the area!!  We got to go to my dad's awesome Pig Roast for Labor day.  It was nice because I got to see a lot of family and friends all at one time!

The next weekend we went to NYC for 2 services.  Friday night and a Sunday service.  Saturday we took the boys to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art). WOW!!! What an amazing place to see.  If ever you find yourself in NYC and want to step into another world head over to the MET.  Sunday service was so much fun.  It was a church packed full of beautiful colorful Island people.  Talk about worship they filled the place with glorious praise!  We loved every minute of it.

Our second week we stayed at my GF Teri's house in Rochester.  She was great to let a family of 4 crash her schedule. (love that girl).  Our 3rd weekend found us in PA.  We really enjoyed ourselves and were spoiled rotten.  We got taken out Saturday night to a steakhouse then Sunday after church to the best Chinese buffet I have ever had...and yes, I am quite a connoisseur of Chinese buffets!!

Returning from PA we moved more permanently with our friend Tim in Avon.  He lives alone and has a huge double wide to share with us.  We pretty much live at one end with 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom and he at the other with a master bed/bath.  In between is a large living room, dining room and kitchen/dinette area.  He is awesome and very easy to live with.  God sure knows how to take care of His own ;)

Sunday number 4 found us at our home church, Henrietta Vineyard.  We enjoyed being with our church family for the day.  They are the best!

During the week we home school the boys (ummmm yeah this topic needs a blog ALL it's own) more on that later.  We are also making TONS of calls to every person we find to call and ask if we can share our hearts with them for Germany.  We have called everyone we know and now we are making a lot of cold calls...ok...ok...I better stop saying WE because when Mike reads this he is going to say "WE" what "WE"???  Mike is making all the calls :)  During the week also finds us at lunch/coffee/dinner dates with these pastors called to try to build a relationship with them.  Please continue to pray for God's favor with all we reach out to.  We need everyone to do their part to help us get back to Germany asap!

We have reconnected with many old friends and enjoy nights out with them.  We both have a calendar going and nightly cross reference them to be sure not to double book things....ummm yeah...learned this the hard way...oops!

Life is crazy busy right now BUT I have to say (as I always feel when smack dab in the middle of God's will) I feel the MOST complete, yeah the battle rages on around us but there is such a peace that only comes by walking hand in hand with Him. (wow talk about a run-on sentence...hey don't be jealous of lucky me re-learning the English language in homeschooling...blah)

So I leave you with this;  Now glory be to God! By His mighty power at work within us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope. Eph. 3:20 
I love this!!  He wants to accomplish INFINITELY more then we would ever dare to ask or hope and guess what??  It is not with our own power BUT His MIGHTY power at work within us!!!