Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why Germany?

"So why Germany?" gets asked of me from time to time and I love to mess with people and say, "well why not?"  Ok so I get a kinda confused looked from that answer like 'oh I thought you would say God is calling you or some other highly churchy answer.'

Of course first and for most God has called us beyond a shadow of a doubt to Germany!  I feel it so deep in my heart that is consumes my every thought.  We have sold everything but what we put in a 10x20 storage unit.  We left our friends, family, great neighborhood, an awesome school district and all that we know for this calling.  I would never have begun this endeavor if I wondered about the calling of God to Germany.

After my sassy answer I unload the unknown facts about the spiritual state of Germany.  Gut wrenching statics that most of us can't even comprehend.  We think of Europe as a 1st world continent and by all means it is!  They have most everything they need physically.  Jobs, homes, family life etc...But what you find when you look at the spiritual side of Europe is that it is full blown 3rd world!  They are so incredibly deprived of God.  We can't seem to understand that because our Christian roots came out of Europe.  Martin Luther and other leaders rose up from there and had a hand in shaping our spiritual beginnings as a nation.  So we are under the impression that Europe is a 'Godly nation' what do they need missionaries for??

Most people in America have 'heard' of God through one form or another.  A grandmother that prayed for them growing up, a neighbor that took them to the local VBS, or an annoying uncle that would 'preach' to the family every reunion.  Someway, somehow most Americans have been touched by 'religion'.  They are in a sense sitting around the cross.  They know but just need to make the choice to accept Christ as their savior.  For most Germans this is NOT the case.  There are not many Bible believing grandparents to pray for them, no neighbors to take them to VBS because in most cases there is not even a local church! No annoying uncle to point out their faults.  Most Germans have not even met someone that has had a real encounter with Christ.  There are less then 2% of born again Christians in Germany.  That number drops to less then 1% in Berlin.  In fact Berlin has been named the atheist capital of Europe.  Throughout Europe we are looking at 3 generations that have not heard a clear presentation of the gospel nor know anyone who is serving God to look at for an example of how to be saved.

Let's put this into prospective.  A pastor we met while there this summer has a church in a city of about 50,000.  He has been pastoring there for 15 years and has 35 members.  Did I mention he is the ONLY Evangelical church in the entire city of 50,000 and in 15 years has only 35 members and by German standards that is considered good!! "Wake Up strengthen what little remains for even what is left is almost dead" Rev 3:2

So what are we doing there?  First and for most we will be evangelizing the lost of Germany.  2nd we will train new leaders and pastors to do the work they have been called to.  3rd we will be planting churches, we have set with our partners there the goal of 200 churches in the next 8 years.  4th we will be working long side existing churches to strengthen and give them what they need to reach the lost more effectively in their area.  Pastors in Germany have been praying for God to 'remember' them and send missionaries from America to help them.  Mike and I can't wait to get back there and get busy 'doing the work of our Father'.

Now you know 'why Germany': "If we see the need and have the means but do nothing. We do not have the love of God in our hearts" 1John 3:17.  We understand that not everyone can leave a job, up-root their entire family and go to the mission field.  Not everyone is called for that kind of work.  BUT we are ALL called to do our part.  Some go, some give, some pray.  We are asking you to pray about your part in helping us reach Germany with the love of Jesus.  There are many more statics I can give if you need any more convincing.  Just ask!