Saturday, May 30, 2015

Held Hostage

It's that time again...what time you ask? 


Since last I wrote we have been busy!  Mike with travel and me with a part-time job.  The boys with school and a new hairy addition to our lives!

I took a seasonal job at Thanksgiving to 'meet people', 'have something more to do' and of course make some money to help supplement out simple way of life.  Well as usual that seasonal, fun, just because, job turned into management within 3 months.  Darn my good work ethics :)

I am store lead at the Children's Place.  I use to shop at that store all the time when the boys were little.  Now that they are way to big for the clothing there I get 30% off.  Oh the irony of life!  Besides the benefits to me that the store has offered, I find myself in the middle of many young women with empty hearts.  They have quickly gravitated to me and I've become the big sister they need!  I love how even in the middle of one ministry, if we open our hearts to others, God wants to use us on a daily bases to touch those HE BRINGS to us. LOOK around, who needs what you have??

The boys are winding down the school year.  They have both remained on the Honor Roll the entire school year.  I'm so glad for that after homeschooling last year and having to come into an entirely new district/state.  Joel was invited into the Junior Honor Society... proud mom moment!  Ethan will travel with Mike for over 2 weeks the end of June.  Joel the next month.  It will be nice for them to be back on the road and sharing in the vision again.

We have a very busy ministry schedule ahead of us.  There are so many amazing things that are playing out before our eyes.  Contacts we are making that can only be explained as a 'God thing'.  There are many exciting things in the 'works'.  We will share them as they come into play.    

Hairy addition...yes...I have not forgotten about that earlier statement!  About 3 weeks ago we brought home a 3 pound bouncy puppy boy.  He has been a much blessed addition to our lives.  He is a Boston Terrier the boys named Sieben (pronounced Z-bin), the German word for the number 7.  He is already bi-lingual.  We are teaching him all the commands in English and German.  We plan to take him with us when we move to Berlin so of course he must know German!!  He is super cute ;)

While reading my Bible the other morning I came across a verse that we all know, have heard and probably even used at one time or another to witness to someone.  But for some reason I read it with new eyes.

      'God paid a ransom to save you from the empty life you inherited from your ancestors.' -1st Peter 1:18- 

Without a relationship with Jesus it is an empty life.  Movie stars and people that 'have it all' are a great testament to this.  They have EVERYthing money can buy: beauty, fame, material things, money, the spotlight but still we see so many of them depressed, suicidal, divorced, on drugs and down right miserable.  Proving once and for all that money can't and won't buy happiness, nor can it fill the 'hole' we are all born with.  That hole is filled with 1 thing and 1 thing only- a personal, intimate, relationship with Jesus Christ.  Only He can fill the void of an empty life.  Only He can give purpose and a feeling of belonging.  Only He can show you that your life really does matter.

So many people wonder if God really wants them!  This verse along with countless others give proof to the fact that God wanted us and still wants us today. 


Most hostage situations don't go as planned.  The negotiations are hindered with problems. The captor wants to much, the police are not willing to give in.  We have all watched movies on how it plays out.

In the above Bible story the captor wanted lives. Satan wanted to keep the lives of everyone on the earth.  He felt he was owed that much after his fall from Heaven.  But God wanted every life on earth too.  They were at a stand off.  A hostage situation.  But God knew something.  He knew that there was one life that Satan wanted even more then all the lives on earth.  One life that could quench the devils desire for revenge.  One life Satan wanted out of the way once and for all.

That life was Jesus Christ, God's own son. 

With Jesus gone Satan probably saw a 'help wanted' sign over the seat of God's right hand.  A step closer to taking God's throne.  Finally his life long dream of taking over Heaven would be fulfilled.

God in His infinite love for the human race did what negotiators are trained NEVER TO DO.  God paid the ransom.

          'It was the precious blood of Christ, the sinless, spotless Lamb of God.  God chose him as your ransom long before the world began.' -1st Peter 1:19,20-

        He gave over His beloved spotless, beautiful son.
        He gave over the crowned jewel of Heaven.
        He gave over His heart.
        He gave all He could give to pay the ransom for you and me.

Satan was beside himself.  He had the light of Heaven to torture and torment.  He suddenly had a win/win scenario.  He had won the stand off.  He had won the negotiations.  Or so he thought. 


God paid the ransom.  God gave all.  The requirement was met.  Man BELONGED to God.  With such a high ransom paid for you...

           'DON'T slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy your own desire.  For you are a chosen people, God's VERY OWN POSSESIONS.  He called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.'.
                                                               -1st Peter 1:14, 2:9-

You are treasured.  You are loved.  You are owned by the creator of the universe.