Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blind Bart

Michael will be leaving May 11th for Berlin.  He is meeting up with 4 Palestinian Christians from Bethlehem who are coming to plant a church for the Arabic speaking population.  We are very excited to be a part of this venture.  Please pray for him while he is gone - God's favor, safety and the power of the Holy Spirit flood every step he takes.  The boys and I will stay back this time around. Pray for us too!

We are praying for our next step and what that will look like.  Please join us in prayer for open doors and the rest of our support to come in.  We are moving towards the goal needed to be raised financially but still lack enough to keep us from living in Europe full time.  Pray and ask God what part you can play in seeing his kingdom come to the lost and hopeless of Europe.  We have a number of ways you can give so head on over to and see what way fits you best.  Thank you in advance!

I was reading Mark the other day and read a very well known story.  Chapter 10:46-52 tells the story of blind Bartimaeus.  Now I know we have all heard sermons preached and Sunday school lessons taught on this passage BUT please indulge me....

Bart (hey easier then writing out his full name plus spell check doesn't like it) was sitting like he did every day along the road near Jericho.  He was blind and so had to beg for his daily bread.  Sitting there in the hot sun day after day after day after...oh you get the picture.  I bet sitting along a major road allowed him to hear the latest gossip of that day.

"Did you hear what that Jesus fellow did the other day?"
"No, do tell."
"He commanded a lame man to walk.  Told him pick up his bed and walk."
"Well, what happened?  Did he walk?"
"He sure did, the man jumped up, rolled up his bed and walked like nothin' was ever wrong with him."
"No way, I don't believe it."

They continue to swap stories as they set off  down the road towards town.

'I wonder who they are talking about.'  Bart muttered to himself.  'Well time to call it quits for the day.'

Another day another dollar.

Sitting in the hot sun, drowsy, Bart begins to nod off.

"Jesus mumble mumble healed."

"Excuse me sir."  Bart jolts awake.  "Did you just say Jesus healed again?"

"What, oh sorry, didn't notice you sitting there.  Yes.  Jesus healed again.  A leper this time.  He's healing people all over the place."

"Do you know if he's healed any blind men?"  Bart asked, a bit of hope growing in his chest.

"Sorry, good man, can't say as I've heard a story like that yet."

"Do you know if he's coming this way?"  Again Bart's hope begins to push upward.

"I don't think anyone can say where he'll show up.  This Jesus fellow just seems to wander all over the hillsides, in and out of towns along the way.  He's got this large crowd always following him...strangest thing I've ever seen"  The man continues to mutter to himself as he wanders away leaving Bart there in the hot sun.

'If only he would come my way.  If only I could ask, I just know he could heal my blind eyes.' 

Day after day he sits wondering if today will be the day Jesus passes through his town.  Many times he hears the stories of him.  Just 2 days ago he heard the amazing story of Jesus feeding 5000 men with just "5 loaves and 2 fish, can you believe it, 5 little loaves of bread and 2 dried out fish.  Why I tell you it was the best dinner I've had in a long time."  Bart replays that conversation over and over in his mind.

'If only I could get to the next town Jesus will be in.'  But Bart has no friends interested in chasing down a guy.  A somewhat mythical guy at that.

Day after day in the hot sun he sits.  Day after day he hopes again.

One morning he wakes up.  Somethings different about this day, Bart can feel it in his bones.  'This is my day!'  He gathers up his begging cup and coat then stumbles to his usual spot along the road.

"Alms for the poor, help a blind man out."  Bart calls out over and over again.  The crowd noise grows louder.  Bart yells louder and louder.  'There must be a festival in town.'  He mutters to himself.  'This will be a good day indeed.'  New people in town always meant a little extra coins in his cup.

"Jesus, over here."  "Look over here, Jesus."  "This way, come this way, Jesus."

"WHAT,"  Bart's heart leaps.  "Please sir, what is going on?  Can anyone tell me what is going on?"  He reaches out and shakes a man's leg.

"Quiet, beggar, Jesus is over there and I don't want to be bothered with you.  This is my time to have a story to tell."  The man pushes Bart off his leg.

"JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! over here. Oh please Jesus, you are my only hope.  Heal my blindness"  Bart yells.  He can't believe it.  This is HIS day.  Today he will get his healing.  The healing he has spent days, weeks, months dreaming of.  Mark 10:47

"JESUS, JESUS please heal me"

"Quiet fool.  He's already walked pass you.  Jesus doesn't have time for you.  Go away beggar."  Mark 10:48a

"no No NO this can't be.  This is my day, my day to be healed."  Bart cries out in desperation. "JESUS PLEASE TURN AROUND.  PLEASE COME HERE."

The crowd is loud pushing Bart around as he sits in the dirt.  He is becoming disoriented and increasingly alarmed that he will miss the one chance he has to be healed.  He can't remain blind forever.  Never before had he any hope of seeing but then he heard of this man, Jesus.  Ever since he has hoped against all hope that this Jesus would pass his way and he would see.

"JESUS. PLEASE. HEAL. ME."  he screams at the top of his lungs. Mark 10:48b

"Stop being so desperate."  A man beside him scolds. ~ How many of us have been quieted?  How many of us have loss hope in what God has spoken over us?  Who has lost dreams?  Who has been told to quiet down, stop being so desperate for more of God? ~

"JESUS HAVE MERCY ON ME"  He screams in one last attempt to receive his healing.

Suddenly he feels the crowd give way.  "What's going on?"  He asks a man beside him.  "It seems all your screaming has gotten you somewhere.  Cheer up, he's calling you."  The man slaps Bart on the shoulder.  Mark 10:49

"Jesus?"  Bart asks just above a whisper.  "Jesus heard me?  He wants me?  I'm going to be healed!  I matter to Jesus!"  

Bart throws off his coat, jumps up and goes to Jesus.  ~We could surmise a few things from this.  His coat might have had something to do with his class in the town.  Maybe it marked him as a beggar. Maybe nothing at all.  But it is curious that the Bible makes a point to state he threw it off.  Maybe it was a really expensive coat.  His only nice possession in life.  But he was willing to leave it all behind for his healing. Mark 10:50

Whatever the case is he doesn't stall or question or doubt.  He obeys instantly!! He doesn't turn to the man beside and say 'gee sir, I'm blind can you help me over to Jesus.'  Nor does he say 'Umm, hello Jesus, I'm blind you have to come to me.' (wow that could preach-perhaps another blog)

"What do you want me to do for you?"  Jesus ask Bart.  ~ He is asking you today what do you want me to do for you??  It's in these moments we must be very honest with ourselves and with Jesus. ~ The blind man didn't think to himself  'well come on now, can't you see from the milky whites of my eyes that I am blind?'

He BOLDLY spoke his need!!

"Good teacher, I want to see." Mark 10:51

No fear, no doubt, no questions.  Just an honest statement.  No beating around the bush, no playing games.  Pure honesty build with hope and trust.  He laid it all on the line.  He didn't say or ask for anything but what he had need and wanted the most.  "I WANT TO SEE!"  ~ I want to see.  I want to see others as God sees them.  I want to see myself as God sees me.  I want to fulfill all I was created to be.  I WANT TO SEE!!! ~

"GO for your faith has healed you!"  Jesus says to him. Mark 10:52a

Instantly Bart could see.  What a moment that had to be.  The word spoken.  His vision created. What did he see first?  The blue of the sky, the dust from the crowd, the green trees in the distance.  Jesus face.  All this and more.  He saw where he had come from and he knew where he was going.  He never returned to his coat, his old spot on the road, his way of life before Jesus.  He knew where he was going.

"Instantly the man could see and he followed Jesus down the road." Mark 10:52 b


  1. This gave me the chills...what a great perspective and I'll never see Bart in the same light. I too pray to see what God sees in me, in others. Thanks for this wonderful account of Jesus' amazing heart and the desperate heart of a man who didn't care how loud he had to be to be heard. Love you s~f!

  2. Instantly the man could see...(immediately & without obstacle!) and he followed Jesus (how excited he must have been!) I love your heart! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Now, to figure out how to sign up. This is marvelous!!

  4. The Word is so much deeper than the words on a page. You brought great life and depth to this passage such that I, as the reader, could feel the heartbeat of the blind man and his desperate plea and deep faith. Keep blogging, this is good stuff!