Sunday, April 29, 2018

Where are they now?

Full time missions work to Germany has had to take a back seat.  No matter what we did nor how many hundreds of calls we made, all around the states to different churches, part-time was what God had in store for us.  The cost to live in Germany full time was becoming astronomical and many things were changing with the influx of immigrants.  It was 1 step forward 2 steps back many times over.

We did have so many amazing people come along side us throughout the journey and we are so incredibly thankful!  I could fill many pages with the miracles, here and in Germany, as we watched God have his way through our lives.  I am eternally grateful for the time spent there.  God moved in such amazing ways.  We treasure every moment we were used by God to spread his love.  So many connections made, so many lives changed.  Even the littler things were life altering...for example, our boys were immersed in another culture and saw much of our great big world.  There are so many 'God moments' that can never be taken away nor denied. 

I am not going to say it was easy to say goodbye to a dream.  It was in fact heart-breaking.  I spend many anguished moments questioning why?  Why did we start a journey to not see it completed (in our minds)?  Why did we give up everything to have 'nothing'?  Why did we work so hard to continually be set back?

I don't have answer to these questions but I can look back now and see the beautiful threads that are Germany weaved into the tapestry of our lives!  We are limited by human perception to know the effects we have had eternally.  We planned our way but it is God who ultimately decides the path!  I feel at peace knowing we were obedient to God.

God's hand of blessing has been heavy on us since our return back to the states.  We came home with literally nothing to our names.  Every dime was spent on the field doing the work.

We now own a townhouse and 'new to us' vehicles.  Ethan will graduate from high school with almost 2 years of college paid for.  He is 1 semester shy of having his Associate of Arts degree.  Joel will be taking the college placement exam next week so he can also take advantage of the same program.  Both Mike and I have full time work.

My job was completely a "fluke".  I walked into Hobby Lobby in November looking for something different after being weary from working in the mall.  I knew it was a LONG shot...I was right...they said they didn't have any open positions but I 'kept on talking' and eventually found myself in front of the big boss, by God's grace, I started work as a part-time seasonal cashier.  I was asked to stay on after Christmas.

Two weeks ago I was given a huge gift...anyone that knows the Hobby Lobby culture knows that full-time is not something that is handed out.  Some people at my work have been there a few years waiting for full-time!  Anyways, the boss brought me into his office and said they were so impressed with me that he wanted to offer me full-time as head of the Home Decor department.  HUGE JOB but God must know I can handle it :)  So I went from part time seasonal to a full time department head in 6 month!

We can't deny this is what God has for us right now.  It doesn't look anything like what we planned when we first started down the mission's road.  I don't know how to explain it.  We have always walked 'with God's blessing' on our lives, but this is a new season even for us.  I feel so loved on and cared for by my heavenly father right now.  Are things peaches and cream?  Absolutely NOT...we work very, very hard and have had to lay many things down.  Some days it feels like we are doing all we can to just keep our heads above water.  But even when doors close, it is a peaceful God is saying "no my child, it's not time for that yet.  I have something so much better in store for you.  Rest, enjoy, let me fill your cup to overflowing so that when the time comes you'll be ready and empowered for all that I have for you...just wait till you see it!!!" 

I know this is a bit different then past blogs.  I wanted to invite you for a quick peek into where we are at now in our lives.  Thank you for all the prayers that I know you have sent up for us.  Your love and support have moved mountains in our lives.  I leave you with this:

"When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion is born." ~ Zig Ziglar ~

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  1. Your faithfulness to the call remains an inspiration...reach America for now for Jesus! Love you guys