Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rid me of Myself, I belong to YOU.

Week 2 has come and gone.  It is amazing how it has only been 2 weeks but it feels as if we have been here 2 months...of course in a good way :)

Good news...they were able to put the boys in their own room right beside ours so that was a happy day for all of us!! The boys have enjoyed the 'freedom' of having a room and of course Mike and I are quite happy to be on our own ;)

On our day off (Monday) we went to Meissen with the boys.  We had such a great time and got to tour one of the oldest castles around called Albrechtsburg. It was so cool to wander through the halls and listen to the stories told about it.  I love historical things like that.  The boys really enjoyed seeing it and took lots of pictures.  I will post those next Sunday.  We ate lunch in the old quarters outside.  This has been one of my favorite things in Germany.  Every restaurant has a great outside area to eat at.  You sit down and a waitress comes over to you.  We all had something different to eat and were quite happy with it.  The views to look at while eating are always the best part!!  We finished the day at a few shops looking at the hand carved wood work.  Many things are hand-carved here and so detailed.  I enjoy looking at it.
 God has really been on the move here at the school.  Remember how I blogged last time that I wanted to have a word for each student here? Well I am seeing that come to pass quicker then I thought it would!! So cool and humbling! There was a group of 7 girls praying with me the other day and I had very vivid pictures to share with each of them about different things that they needed to hear from God. I had to stand in amazement that God would want to use me to reach into lives that need it.  He is such a faithful loving father if we just step out in obedience to what He wants.

Today we leave after the morning worship service to go to Berlin with a few other families for our day off .  We are spending the night in a Hastal. I have never been in one and can't wait to experience it!! We return late Monday night.

Each day is full of getting to know everybody in a greater way.  We have lectures that have been fantastic and a variety of fun things to do.  I have dinner chore.  It is a lot of work.  We have to get things ready for dinner then clean up afterwards and do all the dishes.  There is a kind of dishwasher but the dishes have to be cleaned before they go in. I have a team of 7 and we all work well together.  It took the first week to get them all pulling their own weight but I have 'whipped them into shape' The cook calls me his Right hand I enjoy working with them all.  We are always singing and laughing as we work.  We have 1 more week of this chore then it changes to something else.

I have become an honorary Brazilian...they all think I am one because I look so much like them...which with a Portuguese grandfather I could pass as one! It is funny because they will forget and start talking to me in Portuguese...I am trying to learn a few words! My nickname has become Dani (danny) because that is what they would call me in Brazil.

This week a song we all sing and I am sure take for granted has really been birthed fresh in my heart.  It is...Lead me to the cross where your love poured down. Bring me to my knees, Lord I lay me down. RID me of myself, I belong to You. Lord lead me, lead me to the cross.  That is my hearts cry this summer.  I want to be RID of MYSELF and allow God to fully move as never before in and through me!!  I want to shine forth with His Glory and not get in the way.  We are so unwilling and I think afraid to fully give Him control of our lives.  We think to much and stop what He wants to do with us.  If we would understand that He has so many amazing things for us and is such a loving Father we would rise up and do incredible things for Him.

Sunday, June 23, 2013 has only been a week?

   We have been at the missions school for little over a week and what a week it has been.  We arrived and were told that they thought the boys were much older and would want to room with the "big" boys....all who are over the age of 21.  Knowing my boys I figured that would not go over to well ;) So the 4 of us are camping in 1 room! At first I was wondering how I would possibly pull it off...I have a slight OCD (or CDO:) issue! But as I began to put things away in the room God showed me how it was as if each thing in the room had been placed there for us.  First there was this magnificent wardrobe that had enough shelves in it for me to place all our clothes on! Next there was a heater in the room not being used that I could spread out things on. I placed the suitcases behind the door and used them to set things on. Every bag I brought has been given a function. I have truly made our little room a home for the next 3 months. (see pictures below)

  I can't begin to describe how beautiful Germany is.  Even hanging out the clothes to dry on the line (there are not dryers here..well there are but I guess very expensive to own) I have an amazing view to look at.  Long walks are a must for me and I can't get enough of the things I see.  We are set in a small town that looks as if it has climbed off the pages of a fairy tale book.  Each home is very unique and interesting to look at.  Many have green vines crawling up the sides of them.  There are artsy flairs to even their clothes lines!  A lot of the homes have a fence around them and inside are flower gardens that have been very well cared for.  The walk I take winds me around the town and out into the fields where there are wind mills and small homes set into the land scape.

  The students have of course been the best part of this experience by far.  So many different nationality so many stories.  I will try to write about a student or 2 every time I can get on (which is just Sundays).  Today I pick to write about Min (Me) He is such a sweet Brazilian boy.  He has gravitated towards us from the first day.  The 2nd night we were here he told Mike he likes to watch how Mike interacts with his sons.  He says it is such a good relationship they have together.  My heart went out to him.  We asked him if he knew his dad and it sounds like there is not much of a relationship there.

  I have a heart for many of the students here.  God has already used me to give a prophetic word to a young girl, Volga, from Poland. She just wept and wept.  Later she thanked me and said that the words I gave her God had been speaking them to her and even that morning He had said some of the exact phases I used :)

 I believe Mike and I are here for a number of reasons. The first of course being to seek His face and will for our lives as a family.  To get to know Him even deeper then we ever have.  But I think we are also here for the students. To impact their lives as a "big brother/big sister" would. I have been praying God would give me a word for each student here and to know when I am to give it to them.  I know they will touch our lives as much as we touch theirs.

  Each day we get up and have breakfast in a family style setting at long tables.  Then we meet for worship and instruction.  We have teachings most of the morning till lunch.  Then again we eat together.  Then depending on the day is how we fill our afternoons.  Dinner, worship and different events to fill the night.  This schedule runs Tuesday-Thursday.  Friday we get up and eat together breakfast but then the rest of the day is seeking God day.  This is where we are to truly seek His face.  This means finding a quiet spot for most of the day. Then we come together for dinner.  Saturday was our first outreach into Dresden.  I didn't go this time Mike went.  We will take turns so someone can stay with the boys.   He really enjoyed it and was able to talk to different Germans he met.  Sunday we had worship and a great message about feeding the important things in our lives.  Now everyone is eating lunch but I am choosing to write to you all!  Monday will be our day off.  We plan to go as a family into Missen to look around.  Every Monday we will chose a different area to have an adventure in.

  We got to see No Longer Music in concert the other night.  It was great!! It was awesome to see them live and not just watch little bits and pieces on the internet.  I was amazed at the the simple message of the Cross that they bring.  I think we as believers complicate Christ so much.  God loves you, He sent His only Son to take your place on death row. Jesus defeated the devil that day and now You can become a child of God simply by asking. How come that message gets so bogged down in our American churches?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Welcome Home"

So we made it to the school Saturday afternoon and we were greeted with a huge hug and a "welcome home" from our missionary friend that Mike and I stayed with last summer while we were visiting both of the Steiger sites here in Germany.  Those 2 words dug deep and took root in my heart, I felt such peace and excitement of all God has in store for my family and I.

Today was our first worship service together. We sang one song then David Pierce the founder of Steiger spoke.  How cool it was to hear him speak in person. Such a humble but powerfully annointed man, down to earth and in love with Jesus.  After he spoke about worship and dancing in God's presence that breaks the chains we sang a few more songs.  The freedom and joy in the room was so amazing.  I stood there with tears in my eyes listening to over 100 young people from all over the globe lifting up the name of Jesus.  Then we all prayed over a missionary working in Beirut, Lebanon with Steiger, it was so cool to hear all the different languages!

Tonight we have a 'party' planned with some exciting things to watch...can't wait to see what is planned.

I can't begin to express how excited we are to be here.  Thank you to so many of you that have pitched into make this possible for my family and I.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Made it to Dresden to spend a few days before entering our summer 'work'.  We are excited, tired and just happy to be back in Germany.  Feels like "home". I love everything about Germany and the rich culture it offers.

We have been on such an incredible journey since we decided to follow the path God placed us on.  The stories I could tell!! Little by little I will tell them here. Just wanted to get a hello world I am a blogger post up :)

More to come......I hope providing I have internet service once we are at Steiger!